Practice Management

There are many facets to the the medical business, from choosing equipment & management software to deciding on how to market your business.
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The Importance of
Practice Management

Advisory Board

When you are looking at the management of your practice it is good to know that you can get advice from some of the very best doctors in the business. Our Practice Management solution involves consulting with our advisory board that is made up of some of the most successful doctors from various medical disciplines that are partnered with Nova Medical 360.

Efficient Operation & Patient Retention

Consulting advice is provided on creating an efficient operation along with various patient retention strategies. All facets relating to the operation such as best equipment to use, HR policies, Patient Management Technologies and overall effectiveness on leading medical procedures.

Knowledge & Experience

The expertise and knowledge of Nova Medical 360’s advisory board is invaluable for Doctors and medical practices that are looking to run an efficient operation and continually retain existing patients. Our board of doctors is blazing a trail to practice success today, using our methods combined with their industry knowledge and experience.

How We Work

Building a marketing and practice management strategy requires extreme focus from our professional marketing consultants and doctors at Nova Medical 360. Whilst we are working with your medical or dental practice, you can be assured that you’re receiving committed and dependable support.

Our success is measured by meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations, while our long-term strategy ensures a lasting online presence.

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Every Client is Exclusive

Learn about Nova’s client selection process

When we take on a new client, you become a part of our team at Nova Medical 360. Discussing objectives, achievements, new strategies, and working in tandem with our consultant and advisory board are an important step towards marketing success. At Nova Medical 360, your goals become our goals – your vision and values are the highest priority and we always obtain approval before solidifying our strategies with which to build your business.

Our plans are fully transparent as all our relationships are built on honesty. We offer customized detailed reporting so you can follow your progress, provide real-time results and weekly team calls to ensure you are always abreast of all developments.

Selection Process

Due to our highly customized and fully tailored approach to medical marketing, we utilize a careful selection process through a preferred referral process. We limit the number of clinics we work with on a geographical basis, with no more than 3 surgeons, dentists or health professionals per city throughout North America.

We offer exclusivity and do not work with any direct competitors.

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