Existing Patients

Our 360-degree marketing solutions will reduce patient attrition rates and allow you to reach each patient using targeted marketing campaigns.

Existing Patients
Existing Patients
Existing Patients

Reduce Attrition & Increase Retention

Nova Medical 360 have helped dental & surgical practices reduce attrition and increase patient retention with Dental Websites & Medical SEO with innovative strategies.

Nova achieves effective patient retention through the implementation of an integrated approach to our Practice Management solutions along with a customized Medical & Dental Marketing Solution.

Call: 1-800-825-0865Benefits of Retaining Patients

Existing patients have an initial acquisition cost that erodes as they revisit the practice for follow-up treatments.
Repeat patient visits help lower the overall patient acquisition costs.
Patients are an excellent source for requesting referrals.
Patients become advocates for strengthening the doctors and facilities reputation and feed into the online Reputation Management strategy.
Retained patients are 30% more likely to try various procedures.
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Key Elements
for Patient Repeat Visits

Practice Management

Our team of expert consultants along with our medical advisory board understand the nature of your practice and can give advice on various strategies that will enhance patients experience at your medical facility.

Advisory Board

Nova Medical 360 has a panel of very successful medical doctors (Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons & Dentists) that consult other medical clinics on best practices for improving their patient’s experience and advising them on effective follow-up visit strategies.

E-mail Marketing

Effective e-mail marketing campaigns are paramount for keeping existing customers informed about any new procedures, products, and services being offered at your medical clinic.

Referral Program

Our team of doctors and marketers has crafted an innovative system that helps patients spread the word very quickly about the service that they receive at your practice. This is achieved through engaging the patients through email marketing and through the practice’s website.

Social Media

Nova’s consultants have derived strategies that help dentist and plastic surgeons convert their patients to followers on Social Media. Specific custom campaigns are created depending on the nature of the practice for existing patient retention; these campaigns are constantly monitored and tracked on an ongoing basis for maximum efficiency.