Dr. Cory Torgerson M.D. FRCSC

Dr. Cory Torgerson is a highly skilled and widely recognized facial plastic surgeon. Plastic Surgery Marketing played a key role in his success today. As well, “The Clinic at Yorkville” is famous for its accomplishments and has been featured on various well-known news outlets, talk shows and regularly has celebrity patients.
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Although Dr. Torgerson managed to establish some reach through media channels, his online presence remained underdeveloped. Observing the need for a strong online ranking and Social Media presence he made the decision to use Nova Medical 360 Solution in order to further build his notoriety, and grow his business.

This partnership has culminated in a wider client base for the award-winning Dr. Torgerson, who is one of Canada’s leading facial plastic surgeons.

Project Overview


Rebranding & Redesgin

The online presence of Dr. Cory Torgerson was outdated and limited prior to working with Nova Medical 360™. Our first objective was to rebrand Dr. Torgerson and to redesign his online image to reflect closely his true industry achievements.

Plastic Surgery Marketing

After working with multiple marketing firms in the past, he found the performance to be discordant and lackluster. It was apparent that Dr. Torgerson needed to combine his medical marketing services and use a single healthcare branding & marketing agency. Our plan was to start strong SEO, Social Media, Design and Paid Campaign strategies together as one solution.

Plastic Surgery SEO

Dr. Torgerson had very poor search engine rankings, only ranking for a few keywords under his own name. A custom plastic surgery SEO strategy was developed and successfully implemented. The results of which was Dr. Togerson's brand started ranking under 100(s) of keywords and overall became the number one ranked among his direct competition.

Google Adwords & Paid Campaigns

Running an inefficient Paid Campaign can drain your budget quickly. To avoid this, one of our immediate goals was to optimize the campaigns to reduce the Pay-Per-Click costs. As a result, we reduced the cost by half and increased ROI by 75%.

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38% Business Growth in One Year (reported by Dr.’s management team)

Dr. Cory Torgerson’s Marketing Results

The results below show individual stats for the main marketing tools used over 12 months.

Plastic Surgery Marketing - Google Rankings Dr. Cory Torgerson

Plastic Surgery Marketing - Reviews Post By Patients Dr. Cory Torgerson

Plastic Surgery Marketing - Surgical Content Pages For Dr. Cory Torgerson

Medical Marketing Services Employed

Plastic Surgery Website Design

Medical SEO

Reputation Management

Landing Pages

Paid Search Campaigns

Video Production

Social Media Marketing

Content Development

Conversion Optimization

Online PR

Plastic Surgery Marketing Formula

Medical Web Design & Marketing:

  • Medical Web Design – rebuilt the website with a design that would accurately reflect the caliber of Dr. Cory Torgerson and his clinic.
  • Content – new content by our medical writers was developed that accurately highlighted the capabilities of Dr. Torgerson.
  • Visuals – strong emphasis was placed on images for the website along with its overall look and user interface design.
  • Procedures – Dr. Torgerson introduced new innovative cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures that were promoted through various digital channels and promoted using our video production team.
  • Media Integration – New videos were produced by Nova Medical 360 for Dr. Torgerson that presented the practice to potential patients in a very professional manner with knowledgeable spokespeople from the clinic.

Medical SEO:

  • Nova Medical 360 crafted and implemented a custom SEO strategy that placed Dr. Torgerson in the top positions on search engines such as Google to increase qualified organic traffic.
  • The practice’s local SEO was optimized including Local Map listing so that local patients can easily find the cosmetic clinic. The map listing on the first page of Google has the highest conversation, this is why we ensure our clients show up on the map under all possible keywords.
  • Our team of experienced medical content writers created 100(s) of pages of unique content on trending topics in the industry. High volume medical content development is an ongoing strategy.

Paid Campaigns & Social Media:

  • An elaborate SEM campaign was created by our Pay-Per-Click team that was structured to increase qualified traffic immediately as SEO positions were build up over time.
  • The PPC AdWords campaign included multiple secondary campaigns to cover all procedures and achieve constant efficiencies on the cost per click.
  • Based on our industry experience multiple Social Media strategies were developed. Growing Dr. Torgerson’s fanbase while distributing interesting and trending content is one of our ongoing strategies.
  • Paid Social Media campaigns were implemented for ongoing promotions and campaigns.

Video Production:

  • An extensive strategy was produced to create an abundant video content to showcase the skill level of Dr. Torgerson, introduce his practice and create informative videos regarding various procedures.
  • These videos are used for multichannel digital and video marketing strategies for plastic surgeons including social media, YouTube and the website.
  • Our in-house Video Production team has over 10yrs. workiing for popular new channels. Nova Medical 360 manages the entire video production and publishing process end-to-end.

Search Results | Dr. Cory TorgersonPlastic Surgery Marketing Case Study Results

Search Results | Dr. Cory TorgersonPlastic Surgery Marketing Case Study Results

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