Dr. Ed Philips B.A. DDS

Dr. Ed Philips has two highly established practices in Toronto’s downtown core; The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry & The Downtown Dental Centre. Both practices were entering a rebranding phase and Nova Medical was chosen as a partner to build & redesign his brand and online presence.
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The company needed two websites designed, complete re-branding of both practices, Dental SEO, website maintenance, Paid Dental Marketing, and updated & maintained Social Media profiles.

By creating a marketing strategy for paid campaigns, Dr. Philips has cemented his online presence and increased his base clientele.

Project Overview



Over the years Dr. Ed Philip's branding & digital presence had become stagnant and the practice was in need of a renovation to continue to be competitive. As well, the website was outdated and compared to the competition it was less than ideal; not reflecting the beautiful redesigned modern cosmetic dental studio & dental facility. A new image was in order and refocus applied to the current core business in the downtown area. Also, both the cosmetic dentistry facility & the dental practice were recipients of cosmetic makeovers to their online persona.

Dental Marketing

In the case of Dr. Ed Philips, we needed to not only build two beautiful websites but have them bring in new leads from strong SEO and Paid Dental Marketing campaigns. Marketing involves may areas, our strategy focused on a strong online presence for Dr. Philips's core business services. With the cosmetic studio, we focused on bringing in new patients looking for porcelain veneers and with the dental facility we focused on the convenience and centralized downtown location. Local Map Results are an important element of online marketing for dentists and finding a close practice is of the utmost importance to clients, especially when considering a lunch time appointment. The Downtown Dental Centre's marketing objective was to bring in local patients from the surrounding offices to bolster teeth cleaning and other higher volume services. Also, we needed to reintroduce returning patients to the new remodeled and renovated downtown location.

SEO for Dentists

With The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry, we chose to focus on a number of top industry keywords while our primary focus was on "Porcelain Veneers Toronto". Due to our custom white-label On-Page SEO we were able to achieve a first-page position in just one month after launching a brand new domain name. Our Local SEO program resolved a number of issues that were caused by multiple Google Map accounts, and within a short period of time, we are able to resolve the issues and achieve top 3 positions on Local Search results. In the case of Downtown Dental, the domain name was mature with decent rankings on Google already. After redesigning the website and restructuring the internal database & content with our custom On-Page SEO techniques, we were still able to double the number of keywords ranked and the positions were increased .

Dental Website Design

The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry: The core focus is Cosmetic Dentistry and a big part of that business is porcelain veneers. Dr. Ed Philips is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in Canada and his work is some of the best in North America with patients regularly flying in from all over the globe seeking his mastery. It was very important from the onset to showcase his stunning transformations with an easy-to-use before and after gallery with highly detailed digital photos of real patients. Downtown Dental Centre: Since this was an established dental practicing in the downtown core that recently received a massive remodeling, we focused on the new interior, then the Doctors and their vast experience--putting each of their profiles and headshots on the front page. Next, we focused on showcasing a large number of services available at the facility by crafting easy to use navigation buttons with smooth transparency effects. After that, the focus was placed on returning patients and in-house Periodontal Treatments by placing banners on the home page. Lastly, our designers created a unique map overlay element that visually reinforced the downtown location, the facilities geographic relationship with local landmarks, and it's convenient transit access.

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Marketing Results in 10 Months for Dr. Ed Philips

The results below show individual stats for the main marketing tools used over 10 months.

Dental SEO Google Top Rankings Dr. Ed Philips

Dental Content Dr. Ed Philips

Plastic Surgery Website Design - Youtube Channel Videos for Dr. Gartner

Dental Marketing Formula


  • In a very short time frame, our short-term goals for Dr. Ed Philips were met. The Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry achieved a very healthy ranking placement on the Search Engines and the keyword rankings are growing month-to-month. Our long-term strategy is to continue to build and develop supplementary content and expand our marketing efforts with Paid Dental Marketing, and Social Media Campaigns to bolster online awareness and ultimately drive more traffic that will convert to new patients and strengthen returning patient awareness.

Short-term Strategies:

  • Advertised both facilities using Google Adwords to an audience of qualified potential patients.
  • Multiple Remarketing and Display Network campaigns & promotions returned strong ROI with finely tuned campaigns driving new business.
  • Directed visitors to a visually appealing dental website for both practices that is optimized and conversion tested for strong leads and qualified new patient inquiries.
  • Website Conversion and Paid Campaign Optimization significantly increased the number of new patient inquiries. A key element was frequent performance tracking and minor campaign adjustments to achieve optimum results and lower Cost-Per-Click.

Long-term Strategies:

  • Projecting the right image for each dental facility that reflects the bricks and mortar business, with strong branded content and quality online marketing materials, such as banners for Paid Campaigns and Social Media Advertising.
  • On-going SEO monitoring and building keyword rankings for new procedures and in-house dental promotions
  • Building organic keyword search volume and constant campaign optimization to keep both clinics ranking well in the search engines with continued first-page Google results.

Search Results | The Studio for Aesthetic DentistryDental Marketing Case Study

Search Results | Downtown Dental CentreDental Marketing Case Study

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